Biomass engineering



Based on experience from execution and commissioning of several biomass based heat- and power plants, KEM Engineering is able to assist with technical consultancy including all steps from initial investigation to fully operation plant. Steps includes feasibility studies and owners engineer tasks including tender specifications, negotiations, manufacturing and site inspections, commissioning assistance.


technical design

Design of key equipment related to biomass firing. Including in-house design of fuel feeding, grate combustion systems and ash/slag handling. Steam boiler sizing and specifications. KEM Engineering is able to assist local manufacturing companies with well proven design of combustion grates, fuel feeding systems and ash/slag transport systems, and also facilitate the detailed design, sizing and specification of steam boiler systems for biomass combustion.

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Service & Maintanence

Service and maintenance related to biomass firing systems., combustion grate systems, fuel feeding and ash/slag transport systems. Including also optimization of combustion air distribution and prevention of false air leaks.