Golden sEason and Family Choice, Isabela, Philippines. Rice husk fired steam boiler and turbine.

Supply of key equipment for complete rice husk fired power station delivering 2 MW to the power grid and the rice factories. Scope of supply including fuel handling, fuel feeding, mechanical grate, EU-manufactured steam boiler, slag- and ash transport system, flue gas treatment, stack and steam turbine. 

SK Forsyning Slagelse, 40 t/h straw fired steam boiler.
Supply of key equipment for combustion of straw to 40 t/h steam boiler connected to steam turbine. Boiler is operating at 64 bar and 450°C. Combustion grate system consists of 3 grate lines forming the whole combustion area. Grate designed with 3 individual zones with individual control of straw transport speed and primary combustion air supply. Grate surface consists of grate bars in high-Chrome casting suitable for combustion of high LHV dry straw. The grate is air cooled and driven by hydraulic power pack. Sealing for the grate and furnace is established through water based airlock towards the water submerged ash/slag transport system below the grate.
EPRL Fibro Power, Eye, UK. Poultry litter and waste wood fired steam boiler.

Supply of key equipment for 56 t/h poultry litter and waste wood fired steam boiler connected to steam turbine at 63 bar and 450°C. Scope of supply including fuel feeding system, mechanical grate system and slag- and ash transport systems designed to combust poultry litter biomass with moisture content up to 60%. In 2017 KEM Engineering assisted in the conversion project, which allowed the plant to operate with a mixture of 50% waste wood and 50% poultry litter, while still complying with the emission requirements according to WiD. 

SKV40, Ørsted A/S, Skærbæk, Denmark. 2 x 160 MW Wood chips fired steam boilers.

KEM Engineering has provided Owners engineering services for Ørsted A/S for the Skærbæk SKV40 project. KEM Engineering assisted Ørsted with the initial outline for the project and was in charge of the tender, execution and commissioing phase of the complete boiler installation from fuel in-feed to the interface with the flue gas treatment system. Boilers where supplied by B&W Vølund and Engineering services where provided in strong co-operation with SWECO.